Sunday, 2 October 2011

Louise Cliffe (UK Big Brother)

I was watching UK Big Brother today and honestly every time I see Louise I feel a bit dazed, she's one of the most naturally beautiful women I've ever seen. She wakes up looking 10x better without makeup than most women do with a full face on. I really want her and Jay to get together, I think they are such a lovely couple ! Anyways, I found some gorgeous pictures of her and I just thought I'd share them. I love the dramatic winged liner and pink lips. xx

*October 13th UPDATE* - UGH ! Still think she's gorgeous but can't believe the way she's treated Jay ! Jay may be a little rough around the edges in terms of social etiquette but he's a true romantic at heart and he is well fit (youtube Jay McKray in the shower ... mmm). If she doesn't want him I'll take him hehe. 

*October 17th UPDATE* - So happy these two have rekindled their romance... they do seem more comfortable around each other now, don't they? :) Love all the cute little things Jay does to show he cares, Louise is a lucky lady. I honestly think Anton was right (for once), we might get a marriage out of this! 

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Anonymous said...

She's a stunner, that's for sure. Perfect genetics.

Anonymous said...

Hi. Just wanted to say that Louise is undoubtedly stunning but as for her 'waking up looking 10x better than everyone else without any makeup on' - Louise said herself that she NEVER took her makeup off before going to bed in the bb house and then she just put more makeup over the top! lol. I'm sure she probably still looks gorgeous without makeup on but I don't think we ever actually saw her once without it.

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