Thursday, 3 November 2011

New Skincare + New Bag ♥

Heyy everyone, I hope your all well. I haven't blogged for a few days, I've been a bit busy but it feels good to be back at my laptop writing a fresh post! I've been trying out a few new products and so far I'm very impressed. Keep in mind that my skin type is combination/oily/acne prone so what works for me may not work for you :) 

These products are from a salon brand called Caryl Baker Visage, and are designed for acneic/problem skin (hence the line's name - EmerginC), which I have. When I wear makeup I wear a full face,  foundation, powder, everything so I need a cleanser that works with that. This is the 3rd time I've repurchased this cleanser, which is at the far right, and I can honestly say this is my go to cleanser, I know it dosn't irritate my skin in any way and I know that it cleanses my skin thoroughly. When I use the toner, which is at the far left, I rarely, and I mean rarely, see any traces of leftover makeup. Mind that I also use the Boscia Makeup Breakup Cooling Cleansing Oil, which does an amazing job of getting my makeup off. This is my first time purchasing the toner and serum, but I have had both in sample sizes before and loved them, I just never got around to buying them. 

Deglazing Cleanser ($39.50 Canadian/240 ml) 

What it claims to do: An antiseptic, anti-bacterial cleanser that is entirely soap-free. This cleanser disinfects skin and removes excess oil. Formulated with Balsam Peru, a highly aromatic botanical with strong, medicinal attributes. Deglazing Cleanser improves complexion problems and breakouts associated with oily and acneic skin without over-stripping or drying.

A little bit of this cleanser goes a long way, and I love that though it's designed for oily skin it dosn't make my skin feel stripped of it's natural oils, which is exactly what it claims to do. The consistency is creamy but thin, and it produces a good lather. I really love the smell of this cleanser, it's hard to describe but it has a very clean smell if that makes sense. I use it morning and night, and my skin always feels comfortable yet cleansed after using this. As I said it's my 3rd bottle, so I'm obviously very happy with the results I get from this cleanser. 

Deglazing Toner ($37.50/240 ml)

What it claims to do: A highly medicated, anti-bacterial toner that helps to rapidly improve complexion problems and breakouts associated with oily, problem skin. This toner helps minimize oil on the surface of the skin without over-drying. Deglazing Toner contains Camphor, which increases blood circulation and is cooling and refreshing. It also contains Citric Acid, an astringent and antioxidant; Peppermint, a refreshing, cooling anti-irritant; Eucalyptus Oil, which is antiseptic, a disinfectant and stimulates blood circulation; and Clove Oil, a very powerful antiseptic. 

I really love the way this product smells to, again it has a really clean botanical smell. I use this after cleansing morning and night on a cotton pad in an upward motion. It's important to cleanse and tone in an upward motion so that your hands lift the little downy hairs on your face upwards and allow the product to get into the pore and do it's job. It does what it claims to do, plain and simple. So far so good! 

D-Red Daytime Emulsion ($75.00/30 ml)

What it claims to do: D-Red Daytime Emulsion is an active daytime treatment for red, sensitive, cuperous skin. Contains Vitamin K, a highly potent anti-inflammatory to ease rosacea, Aloe Vera to hydrate and soften skin while providing anti-inflammatory properties. D-Red Daytime Emulsion also contains Oat Kernel and Comfrey extracts to calm soothe and heal sensitive skin. D-Red Daytime Emulsion strengthens skin, reduces redness and helps minimize the appearance of broken capillaries. For rosacea, red and hypersensitive skin.

First of all this product is visually one of the most amazing skincare products I've ever seen! It literally has all these little balls of product in it, it's so mesmerizing. This product is very expensive but I'm a believer in 'you get what you pay for'  & I'm really enjoying this product so far. I love using this product it feels very luxurious and expensive. It comes out of the pump in a thin gel consistency and is easily absorbed into the skin. I've worn this under makeup several times and it acted as a very good makeup base.  I couldn't say I've noticed a massive difference as of yet, but it does make my skin feel calmed and moisturized. I will definitely do an update in 2 or 3 weeks if it's made a difference or not. For $75.00 I'm hoping it will! 

*I love the little bubbles!*

I got this bag yesterday for $40.00 and I am in loooove with it! It's my first proper big bag, I've usually been one to have a little purse that I've had to cram all my makeup and keys and wallet into and never been able to get anything out of it. When I saw this I wanted it immediatley, it's soo lovely. I've never spent this much on a bag, but I don't regret it at all. I used it today and it was so lovely to be able to open my bag and comfortably rummage around and find what I was looking for without taking everything out like I had to do with my little purses in the past. 

I'll stop rambling now hehe, but if you have any questions or comments just leave them below. Hope you enjoyed it & have a lovely day. 

All products were bought & paid for with my own money. All opinions are 100% honest :) 


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Loving the look of that serum! :]
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i just found your blog! lovely design!! I followed*

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Galaxia said...

$75?! I hope it works, too : ) Great product reviews.

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