Saturday, 26 November 2011

Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation Review (+ Mini Haul)

Heyy everyone, I hope your all doing well. I've been a bit busy lately, but it feels good to be writing up a new post for you all. About a week ago I walked into Shoppers Drug Mart and lo and behold, there was a new section set up for Bourjois, my first time encountering the brand in it's entirety. I've come across the chocolate bronzer at Shoppers before, which I own and love, but my jaw literally dropped when I saw an entire new range of products to drool over. There are so many Bourjois products I'm dying to try after hearing about them on youtube, but for now I picked up the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Gel Foundation in shade 51 Vanille Clair at about $32. This is the lightest shade in the range, and is quite yellow toned, which I find most products with vanilla in the name to be. 

The packaging is lovely, a sturdy little glass bottle with a very controllable pump dispenser. The product itself is very silky and blendable, and it smells divine! It is supposedly enriched with vitamins and fruit extracts and claims to give 16 hours radiance-boosting, even, revived complexion. I have been mixing this with my Estee Lauder Double Wear and have really been liking the combination. This foundation has a very skin like texture to it, it's not matte and it's not full on dewy. So far I'm really liking it and can't wait to try other Bourjois products! 

While I was at Shoppers I also picked up a new blush and bronzer. The blush is Prism by Smashbox which is a gorgeous true baby pink powder blush. Originally priced at about $36.00 or so the sign said, I got this on sale for $17.00 which I thought was pretty good! I've used it several times and I think it was worth the money, it is really pretty and has good pigmentation. The bronzer is by a drugstore brand called Annabelle which I believe is only available in Canada. This was on sale for $8.99 and this is the 3rd time I've bought this bronzer, it is my all time favorite, it makes my skin look gorgeous and bronzed and alive without being too orange. If you come across this bronzer GET IT, it is amazing. 

I picked up a backup of my all time favorite pressed powder (Makeup Forever Duo Mat) at Sephora a few days ago and got this Makeup Forever mini lipgloss using my Beauty Insider Points card. It's a beautiful peachy-pink lipgloss (think NARS orgasm in lipgloss form), it dosn't feel unbearably sticky and has a nice smell as well. I've used it a few times and I really like it. It's really tiny and is perfect for purses of all sizes. I'm impressed. There isn't a shade name, only 'S2' on the top of the box. I would say it's worth the points! (I believe it's worth 100 points or so the Sephora website says). 

That's it for now, thanks so much for reading, I love comments so please leave one below! Have a lovely day everyone. 


Been There, Done That, Got The Lipstick. said...

I've been wanting to try healthy mix for a while now, everyone seems to love it.

great haul! :]

LinasBeautyDiary said...

I really need to try that foundation :) thx for sharing xxx

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